Meet Your New B.F.F. (breakfast friend forever)

Cooked in small batches, our Quinoa (keen-wa) Cereal is ready to eat. And heat, if you prefer a hot breakfast. It’s like oatmeal (except with more protein and all nine essential amino acids). And it’s like new (except that it’s made with a 5,000 year-old ancient grain). We combine whole grain quinoa, light coconut milk, real fruit and natural sweeteners to create a protein-packed cereal that’s naturally gluten free. It’s a breakfast. It’s a meal. It’s a breakfast meal (or an any time of day pick-me-up). Our quinoa is already cooked, so simply tear open the pouch, heat, stir and eat.

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Ancient Grain Cereals


$3.99 on all orders

Cocomama Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Known to promote a healthy immune system, coconut milk is comprised of medium chain fatty acids, which are quickly used as fuel for the body and aren’t stored as body fat.

Popeye-approved: Quinoa is related to the spinach family.